Weekly Crystal Oracle

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall

Bumble Bee Jasper trust
Weekly Crystal Oracle

Bumble Bee Jasper’s startling colors instill a new vibration. The stone stimulates new projects, bringing you the message that you must have honesty in your life.

Self-understanding: You are a divine being with immense inner riches holding the bright, energizing light of the sun. You were born to carry out a specific task. Charismatic, you naturally attract people. You have inner strength and courageously go where others do not dare. Harvest your resources and put them to work to heal dis-ease.

Divination: A moment of fertilization. You are being opened to new possibilities. Remember that the bee is not aerodynamically designed to fly, but it does. Cut through doubt and uncertainty. Relax and focus. Clear sight is needed. Visualize your future. Love and good fortune rush towards you – grasp opportunities. Be a leader, but avoid arrogance. Trust the universe. You overcome obstacles. Someone new lights up your life.

Healing Insight: Food intolerances and other allergies may underlie any physical discomfort you experience.


CHAKRA: sacral, solar plexus

TIMING: Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius

SOUL PATH: triumph over the impossible


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