Weekly Crystal Oracle

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall

Kambaba Jasper ancient echoes
Weekly Crystal Oracle

Kambaba Jasper attunes your personal biorhythms to the natural cycles of the planet. This crystal also facilitates deep clearing of your karmic body and the ancestral line.

Self-understanding: When you live in your head rather than the physical world, your cellular structure becomes unstable and your metabolism is thrown off balance. You may not be assimilating oxygen or nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. Remember that ideas are nutrients too. Disruption of your autonomic nervous and immune systems may be caused by ancient traumas and family dramas.

Divination: Getting in touch with the ancestors and understanding the process of creation helps you to recognize the value of recycling the past to create a more potent future. Check out what has passed down the ancestral line and utilize homeopathic healing for me miasmas such as tuberculosis.

Healing Insight: By changing how you view things, you dramatically improve your well-being.


CHAKRA: base, heart, alta major, casual

TIMING: Winter

SOUL PATH: reconnecting to ancient wisdom and the roots of being


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