Weekly Crystal Oracle

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall

Peridot emotional cleansing
Weekly Crystal Oracle

Peridot frees the mind from unwelcome envious thoughts and night terrors. It is transmutative and purifying.

Self-understanding: You are deeply emotional and may possessively cling to the past or beat yourself up over mistakes. By nature, jealous, you have dark thoughts. Detoxify your emotions. Learn to forgive and let go. Follow your own life plan without judging yourself or being envious of others. You have the power to go through fiery transmutation and emerge transformed.

Divination: Use energy wisely. Recognize how outside influences operate in your life. Develop your own protection. Learn to rely on your own inner guidance. Peridot indicates farewells and disappointment in love. Avoid jealousy. Be assertive without aggression. You have a powerful destiny and great integrity. Money is earned from your talents.

Healing Insight: Envy and jealousy harm you as well as hurting others.

FREQUENCY: earthy to high

CHAKRA: heart, solar plexus

TIMING: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

SOUL PATH: emotional purification


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