3 Keys to Magically Working With Crystals to Manifest Your Desires


Manifestation is all about working with the energy of the Universe to create a life that you desire in the physical world. While you can do this simply with the power of intention and action, I have found that when you add magical tools, like crystals, to your intentions, it can amplify the power within them and manifest your goals more quickly. Crystals naturally emit positive vibrations and energies that can help you attune to your desires and call them forth. Your goals and intentions each have a specific vibrational frequency, much like a radio station. In order to listen to a specific channel, you need to tune in to that station on your radio. It is the same with anything you want to manifest. Incorporating crystals into your manifestation practice can attune you to the frequency of your goal more quickly and easily. Not only are crystals beautiful, but they are also one of the most powerful tools for manifestation.

There are so many ways you can use crystals to attune yourself to your intentions, feel a high vibe, heal, or manifest your dream life. I would love to share with you my favorite ways to use the magical energies of crystals to help me manifest my goals.

Key #1
I believe that the most potent way to connect and work with the energies of the crystals is to have the gems on your personal body and touch your skin throughout the day. If you can’t do so, then the next best thing is to put it in your pocket or maybe your bag or wallet. However, for me, the best is when it is touching my skin. The reason for this is so that your crystal can continuously keep you attuned to the positive vibrational frequencies that lead you to your manifestation. For those of you that wear a bra, this is the ideal place to carry your crystals. I can stuff up to three crystals into my bra on one side daily, although typically I only have one or two crystals nestled inside. Make sure that you choose smaller, smooth tumbled crystals so that it doesn’t poke or hurt you. Also, another safety precaution is that when you are undressing, remember that you have them on you! Often, I would undress and they would fall out and roll everywhere on the tile floor. Sometimes my crystals would break, so be careful. If they do break, it’s okay and just means they were done working with you. Whenever that happens, I usually bury them in the yard. Many of my clients do this, and one of my clients told me that when she forgot her crystals in her bra one day, she felt the difference and her day did not go as she planned. I know I definitely feel the difference when I have them with me or not. If you are not a bra wearer, then I would suggest finding a piece of jewelry that resonates with you.

Either way, the crystal that you choose to keep on you should relate to the manifestation that you are calling in. For example, if you are trying to manifest money or wealth, then you can choose a money and abundance crystal, like citrine, to keep on you. Rose quartz is always a good second supportive crystal to have for any manifestation because it promotes self-confidence and love. If you’d like to know more about rose quartz and other crystals for love, intuition, money, peace, and protection, you can find more in my book, Enchanted Crystal Magic; Spells, Grids, and Potions to Manifest Your Desires.

Key #2
If you perform spells and rituals, crystals are great tools to add to your practice. Crystals can magnify the magic and energies that you are working with, just like anointing oils and herbs do. Perhaps you’d also like the gems to help you direct your intention out into the Universe. You can activate crystal towers that can shoot your goals into the field of possibilities, or use a crystal wand. The best part about including crystals in your magical practice is that you can go back to the crystal that you have already imbued with powerful energy as shared in Key #1 and be in that energy all day.

One of my favorite ways of using crystals in my spells and rituals is to make a grid or pattern with them. They can be the main attraction or the support team. When working with the crystals, let your intuition guide you to where they would like to go in your practice. You will feel happy and content when they are at the right spot. If you keep wanting to move a stone, then move it. It just means that they desire to be someplace else because their energy will be more powerful in that location. There is no wrong way of using crystals in your magical practice, however, you feel guided to work with them is always the right way. If you need more guidance, there is a beautiful chapter in my book, Enchanted Crystal Magic; Spells, Grids, and Potions to Manifest Your Desires, all about crystal grids.

Key #3
One of my favorite ways of manifesting is infusing my food or drinks with magic. By doing this, you are literally bringing your thoughts, dreams, and intentions into your physical body, infusing every cell of your body with your goals, and actualizing your intentions. Just like Key #1, when you ingest your supercharged beverage and food you will be walking around all day tuned into the frequency of your intentions so that you can manifest your ideal experience faster. There is a money tea ritual that I do every quarter with my business partner. We brew a money tea that is already infused with the energy of a crystal inside the bag, write our intentions on a petition paper, light a candle to activate our goals, clink our teacups to cheers, and drink our tea feeling happy, wealthy, and rich. This has worked for us every single time, hitting and surpassing our income goals. Before you put your crystal inside your tea package, make sure that you have cleansed it physically and energetically. I always clear it with a smudge wand or spray and wash it with hot water really well. Also, always do your research on the crystal beforehand and know that it is not toxic or will crumble in water. You can substitute money tea with health tea, love tea, or whatever tea you want to drink to manifest your desires.

Those are my three keys to manifesting your desires using crystals. They are ones that I have implemented into my magical practice consistently, and they have always helped me collapse the amount of time it takes me to meet my goals. The most important thing to remember is to know exactly what you want, see it in your mind, and feel the emotions, as if what you most want to manifest has already happened. With the help of crystals, you can stay focused on the energy and frequency of your goals, align to that future version of yourself, and call it into reality even faster.

If you loved these ideas on how to integrate crystal magic into your life to manifest what you most want, I have included many more exercises and spells for you to explore and enjoy inside my book Enchanted Crystal Magic; Spells, Grids, and Potions to Manifest Your Desires.

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