Weekly Healing Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

Weekly Healing Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone

Weekly Healing Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone


Weekly Healing Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone










Element: Water

Rainbow moonstone is transparent labradorite, a closely related feldspar mineral with a sheen in a variety of iridescent colors. Although it’s technically not moonstone, it’s similar enough that the trade has accepted it as a gem in its own right. Today some people prefer it to traditional moonstone.

Rainbow moonstone helps alleviate operative stress for women who have had surgery relating to breast, ovaries, or womb and helps with any scarring. It has been used to stimulate mental acuity, and to reduce anxiety and stress. It can assist in digestion, regulation, and metabolism.

Rainbow moonstone is protective of your aura, keeps it clear and balanced, and free from energy leaks. It assists in the alignment of the subtle bodies, enhancing the connection between the physical and the ethereal realms. It also enhances patience and an inner knowing of “the right time”. It is a wish stone for long-term projects. Use it in love magic, in ceremonies to increase inner radiance, and for all full moon magick.

It is helpful to remember that rainbow moonstone is labradorite and has many of the same attributes as labradorite.

Key Words: protective, reduce anxiety, stimulate, balanced

Affirmation: I am intuitively guided with clear insight and awareness.

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