Weekly Healing Crystal: Tourmalated Quartz

Tourmalated Quartz

Weekly Healing Crystal: Tourmalated Quartz










Element: Water/Air

Tourmalated Quartz is white or clear with sparkling black tourmaline, occasionally pink or even green tourmaline inclusions may be part of the stone.

This black within white stone has come to represent a doorway into hidden realms and the triumph of light over darkness, day over night, etc…In modern thought, it is seen to represent the balance of polarities, yin and yang. Tourmalinated quartz is considered to have double the power of clear crystal. The black tourmaline works to balance opposites in energy.

Tourmalated or Tourmalinated quartz realigns and balance the aura, restores balance to the body, mind, and spirit, unclogs arteries, heals scars and lesions both in the body and on the skin. It helps relieve sinus-related headaches and assists those suffering from personality problems that make social interaction difficult. Helps to let go of any old conditions that are destructive to a positive future and are currently having an adverse physical effect. Is an effective assistant with depression and nervous exhaustion. Tourmalated Quartz also stimulates the immune system.

This stone is very protective and breaks up negativity. It helps in eliminating negative conditioning. Use during rituals to balance contrasting elements. It is a good crystal for clearing away energy left from the past in a home and neutralizing unfriendly ghostly or poltergeist activity. Tourmalated quartz brings good luck.

Key Words: Grounding, balancing, protective, healing

Affirmation: I express and acknowledge what I really feel.

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