Blessed Samhain


Blessed Samhain


Stone of the Season: Jet
Energy: Receptive
Element: Earth, Akasha
Planet(s): Saturn
Deities: Cybele
Herb(s): Lavender, Sage.
Power(s): Protection, Anti-nightmare, Luck, Divination, Health. Brings success, prosperity, happiness, Enhances the dream process.
Jet is organic in origin. Like coal, it was formed from the remains of wood immersed in stagnant water millions of years ago, then compacted and fossilized by the pressures of burial. Jet is black or dark brown but may contain pyrite inclusions, which have a brassy color and metallic luster. Jet takes a good polish and is often faceted. When burned or touched with a hot needle, it exudes the characteristic smell of coal. Found in England, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, India, Turkey, the former USSR, China, and the USA.
Jet was popular for mourning jewelry in the 19th century because of its somber color and modest appearance. and it has been traditionally fashioned into rosaries for monks. Jet has also been known as black amber, as it may induce an electric charge like that of amber when rubbed. Jet is grounding and balancing, and as it also carries a negative electrical charge, is good for drawing power and knowledge to the bearer. it helps to tap into the ancient wisdom and transformative powers of the Earth. It is also helpful in stabilizing finances. It can protect the wearer against illness and violence. This is the stone witches use for protection from negativity.
Healing PROPERTIES: Reveres body as a temple. Cleanses aura. Provides comfort. Benefits headaches, asthma. Dispels migraines, illness, deep depression. It is a calming agent.


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