Weekly Healing Crystal: Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Weekly Healing Crystal: Black Tourmaline


Weekly Healing Crystal: Black Tourmaline


Weekly Healing Crystal: Black Tourmaline



Element: Earth and air

Black Tourmaline colors are anthracite via bluish-black to ebony.

Black tourmaline is a very good stone of protection. It keeps the bad energies of others like envy, jealousy, grudges, and treachery away. It also protects us from our own negative thoughts. It helps us to relax both physically, spiritually, and thereby alleviates all forms of stress. Black tourmaline provides clarity and advanced perception. It lets us see our mistakes, admit them and strike a new path. As much as it protects us as a person, it also fends off negative energies in our homes. It transforms negative energy to positive energy, supports grounding, offers psychic protection.

The stone is used for the fault clearing of old scars and strengthening the nerves. It helps with stress release. Black Tourmaline helps circulation, reducing the negative imprint of lung problems, boosting metabolism, and  cut down on muscle aches and pains. It is a  supporter of all organ systems and the immune system, you can expect Black Tourmaline to helpful when it comes to swift and smooth healing.

Key Words: Protection, Grounding, Healing, Stress Relief

Affirmation: I have clarity of thought and analyze situaions rapidly.

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