Weekly Healing Crystal: Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

Weekly Healing Crystal: Tiger Eye
Weekly Healing Crystal: Tiger Eye
Weekly Healing Crystal: Tiger Eye











Element: Fire and earth

Tiger Eye is auburn to brown. The stone shows a shimmering, panning flow of light when being moved in the hand.

Tiger Eye is a classic stone of decision. When in doubt it creates distance so we can look at things from different angles in order to make the right choice. This distance makes it easier for us not to be influenced by negative trends such as pressure or grim moods. The stone gives us the courage to act. It makes us take one step at a time, which lets us be relaxed and serene.

In general tiger eye provide calm and balance of body, mind, and soul. Tiger Eye slows down a hyped-up system while energizing a weak exhausted one. It reduces cravings for excess food, tobacco, alcohol, or stimulants. It helps digestion, eases ulcers, bruises,  stomach and gallbladder problems. It is also is an impetus for balanced health, detox, or exercise plans because it creates a slow steady rhythm that is likely to lead to success. 

Key Words: Courage, relaxed, calm and balance, Success

Affirmation: I am able to calmly make decisions and act on them now!

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