Weekly Healing Crystal: Turquoise


Weekly Healing Crystal: Turquoise
Weekly Healing Crystal: Turquoise



Weekly Healing Crystal: Turquoise








Element: Air and earth

Turquoise is usually light blue to blue, greenish blue to apple green, the most precious turquoise is blue.

During the crusades the gem was brought to Europe from the Orient, this is where its name derives from. 

Turquoise was already considered a stone of protection in former times: Persian kings loved it as much as Incas and Native Americans. It was believed for a while, that the stone would change its color when danger was near.

Turquoise is an outstanding healing stone as a protection against negative mental attacks and extraneous influences. Turquoise brings to our minds, that every action has a reaction. We realize, that the consequences of our actions are our responsibility. As a consequence, our life is, what we make it!  Turquoise trains our intuition and benefits our foresight. Fatigue evaporates and makes room for deep relaxation and clarity. The stone benefits our creativity and reinvigorates some hidden talent. Turquoise channels toxin and has a deacidifying effect and is, therefore, a good choice against gout rheumatic diseases.

Key Words: Protection, Foresight, Healing, Intuition

Affirmation: I am always at the right place at the right time with the right people.

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