Weekly Crystal Oracle

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall

Selenite divine light
Weekly Crystal Oracle

In the ancient world, Selenite protected against “wanderings of the mind”. It invokes mental clarity and divine inspiration.

Self-understanding: Spirituality is vital for you. You are a translucent soul who moves fluidly through time – use insights wisely. Avoid confusing past with present. You see into people’s hearts to what motivates them. Do not be manipulated or too eager to please. Stand by what you know. You have the gift of clarity and mental flexibility with the power to make excellent decisions.

Divination: A situation is unpredictable, no matter how solid it appears. Be prepared for challenges and changes. Banish confusion. Clarity is needed. Allow divine light to inspire the future. Let go of something dear to you – parting does not mean loss of love. Reconciliation is possible: make the first move. Overheard conversations enlighten you.

Healing Insight: Being in the flow strengthens your well-being.

.FREQUENCY: exceptionally high

CHAKRA: highest crown, soul star, and stellar gateway

TIMING: Taurus, Cancer

SOUL PATH: shining divine light on the Earth


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