Weekly Crystal Oracle

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall

Black Tourmaline protection
Weekly Crystal Oracle

Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy and affords excellent energetic protection, enhancing your physical vitality.

Self-understanding: You are adaptive, adjusting to new places and new situations. You have clarity of thought and analyze situations rapidly. Let go of over cautiousness but stay protected. You sense it when people wish you ill. You may be carrying a family or past life curse-creating dis-ease. Recognize that negative thoughts and actions harm others and yourself.

Divination: Strengthen your protection. Consolidate plans and be realistic. You’ll soon see the way through obstacles. Ensure you are well protected. Ill-wishing or envy may be directed your way. Neutralize “bad” energy without harm to others. Watch your thoughts. Attend to practical matters. Be generous and give others freedom.

Healing Insight: Neutralizing toxic energies from your environment, shielding yourself from ill-wishing or EMF stress, and detoxifying your body support well-being.


CHAKRA: earth star and base

TIMING: Capricorn

SOUL PATH: appropriate energy shielding and enhancement


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