Weekly Healing Crystal: Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate


Botswana Agate
1 lb Agate, Botswana tumbled stones







Element: Fire

Botswana Agate is in the Chalcedony family and comes in pink, cream, and grey colors, popular colors are the pink, apricot yellow, or salmon hues. They may also be purplish grey, black, brown, and white, with white lines or patterns in most stones. 

It is thought to treat the underlying causes of illness rather than the symptoms. It may be used to treat depression and stress. It is believed to be beneficial in ridding the body of toxins and to be good for the skin. It helps stimulate the immune and nervous systems and aids in brain oxygen assimilation for a healthy circulatory system. Botswana Agate is thought to be beneficial for the eyes, hollow organs such as the stomach, uterus, etc., and heals skin disorders and itching due to insect bites.

This stone encourages artistic expression and exploration of the unknown while maintaining logic and attention to detail, bringing projects and ventures into reality. It also releases emotional repression and blocks to fertility by lending the knowledge that sexuality is a natural function.  It can help alleviate obsessive thoughts and destructive mental patterns and assist in overcoming fears, such as agoraphobia and panic attacks in crowded places.

It will aid you in cutting etheric ties binding you to others. Its energy also stops others from being able to connect when you have taken action to sever karmic ties with someone else. Botswana Agate is particularly centering in meditation. It is associated with the Sacral and Root Chakra, It balances the aura and all of your spiritual energies.

Key Words: Stability, Grounding, Stress Relief, Unconditional Love,

Affirmation: I call fertility and blessings into my life.

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