Weekly Healing Crystal: Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz


Weekly Healing Crystal: Strawberry Quartz
8mm Rose Quartz/ Strawberry Quartz with Lotus
Weekly Healing Crystal: Strawberry Quartz
8mm Quartz, Strawberry bracelet







Element: Earth

Strawberry Quartz is a clear quartz crystal with splotchy, hematite inclusions. Natural Strawberry Quartz is mid pink, sometimes with lighter pink markings, but can occasionally be found in a  more translucent strawberry color, particularly when polished. 

It is thought to relieve skin rashes, rosacea, scars,  lesions, bruises, food allergies, heart irregularities, and excessive blushing and stammering. It’s known to help release negative thoughts and emotions so that you can learn how to think positively instead. Strawberry Quartz is a powerful stone for self-love and self-confidence it increases self-esteem in people who come from over-critical families or have controlling partners. Helps with mother/baby bonding and helps one understand their purpose. This stone is associated with the heart chakra.

Strawberry quartz is a wonderful stone for developing psychic abilities. It’s also a great stone for anyone interested in exploring the spiritual realm and expanding their consciousness. It can attract abundance into your life. Whether that’s in the form of money or love or happiness. 

Key Words: Soothing, Calming, Love, 

Affirmation: I need not fill every moment with activity.

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