Weekly Healing Crystal: Black Sapphire

Black Sapphire

Weekly Healing Crystal: Black SapphireWeekly Healing Crystal: Black Sapphire












Element: Water

Black sapphire is of the Corindón variety, which is an aluminum oxide mineral. It most often forms as black or brownish-black, though sometimes maybe dark green, dark brown, or gray in color.

The stone is believed to offer powerful pain relief and is particularly useful in recovery from accident or trauma and for bruising and dislocation of bones. It helps alleviate excessive bleeding, blood clots, and deep vein thrombosis, and assists in treating blood disorders, strengthening veins, and improving their elasticity. It tempers boils and ulcers and assists in serious illness when the body is attacking itself. It stimulates and balances the root chakra.

Black Sapphire helps keep you calm in chaotic situations or with chaotic people and makes an excellent anti-panic crystal if you are overly sensitive to others’ quarrels or during times when everything goes wrong and you have no way to put things right. It guides the intuition in determining what if anything can be done, while still allowing others to take responsibility for problems of their own making. It shields against bullying and unreasonable anger from others and protects against fear and intimidation. It brings a calm strength in establishing boundaries, or the courage needed when it’s time to walk away. This stone lends strength and compassion during difficult times. It is also particularly sustaining for men and women through periods of profound grief at the loss of a lifetime partner.

Key Words: Calm, intuition, strength, healing

Affirmation: I accept and honor sad feelings as well as happy ones.

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