Weekly Healing Crystal: Opal: Dendritic Opal

Opal: Dendritic Opal

Dendritic Opal
Dendritic Opal various earrings


Dendritic Opal
8mm Dendritic Opal bracelet









Element:  Earth

 Dendritic Opal is a form of common opal characterized by inclusions that display mossy or branch-like patterns. These inclusion patterns have also led to the alternate names “moss opal” or “mossy opal.” Dendritic opal is typically white or yellowish-brown with a milky, opalescent sheen and resinous luster. Its inclusions are dark, often black, dark green, or brown. The stone is typically opaque but sometimes translucent, or a combination of both.

Merlinite is a nickname used in the crystal healing community for dendritic opal, though some use “merlinite” for dendritic agate, psilomelane, or indigo gabbro as well. Named after the legendary wizard Merlin, the name comes from the dendritic opal’s purported magical abilities.

 Dendritic opal supports the circulatory system and immune system. It may also be used for dizziness, inflammation, and kidney issues. It is an excellent stone for people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or endometriosis, as well as anyone dealing with multiple autoimmune disorders or frequent migraines.  It is also helpful for anyone with general aches and pains. Dendritic opal is also thought to stabilize the nervous system and is particularly helpful with the respiratory systems, as well. This stone is attuned to the Root Chakra, Solar Plexus and Third Eye and helps to align/balance all the chakras.

Emotionally, dendritic opal is commonly used for stress reduction. The stone purportedly aids emotional health by shielding you from toxic forces or people, as well as instilling you with more empathy and patience. Dendritic Opals are excellent for getting in touch with the environment and for communicating with Nature spirits. This stone promotes growth, both physically and spiritually, and can provide help when needed in entering relationships and group dynamics,

 This stone is known as the gemstone that helps in accessing spiritual energies of a higher level and opens doors to spiritual knowledge, communication, and awareness with a deeper intuitive connection.

Keywords: Magick, luck, power, communication

Affirmation: I am comfortable working with groups and feel protected from negativity.

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