Weekly Healing Crystal: Chrysoprase














Element: Earth

Chrysoprase colors range from yellow-green to more apple green. In medieval times the stone was engraved with the image of a bull to give strength and protection to the wearer. People in the middle ages used to think they could become invisible by putting a chrysoprase stone in their mouth. It was also thought that it would lose its color in the presence of poison.

Chrysoprase encourages non-judgmental attitudes, can reduce superiority and inferiority complexes, and help you avoid speaking out unthinkingly in anger. It bolsters clarity of thought and creativity by attracting abundance and success in new ventures and promotes fidelity within the business.

Chrysoprase opens, activates, and energizes the heart and sacral chakras balance yin-yang energy, and bring Universal energy into the physical body. It induces deep meditative states and imparts a sense of being part of the divine whole. It is good for stomach ulcers and other digestive disorders. It fills the mind and soul with optimism and gives the impetus to get back into the mainstream of life after illness or despair. It is a strong detoxifying stone.

Chrysoprase is a money and fertility charm, it is an excellent stone for meditation, especially outdoors to connect you with natural energies, nature spirits, and magical animals.


Keywords: non-judgmental, creativity, clarity, detoxifying

Affirmation: There is no right or wrong choice. Every choice I make is perfect at this time because it leads to an outcome that is necessary for me to grow in
love and wisdom.

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