Weekly Crystal Oracle

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall

Malachite the subconscious mind
Weekly Crystal Oracle

Malachite brings to light ingrained programming and toxic beliefs. An amulet against pain, this is a powerful stone for emotional transformation. It stimulates the survival instinct.

Self-understanding: Unconscious programs or beliefs cause psychosomatic disease. Go willingly into the depths therapy may be needed. Your deepest fears become your greatest gifts as hidden abilities come to light. Go where angels fear to tread to bring back insights for your own healing and that of others.

Divination: Explore your depths. Danger threatens. Not all is as it seems. Stand firm in your power. Have No Fear. You survive. Protect yourself against unseen forces or powerful minds that manipulate you. Learn psychic protection. Take a course to call up past life skills. Spread your wings. Do not become embroiled with the charismatic man.

Healing Insight: Detoxifying your mind, body, and emotions and recognizing deep psychosomatic causes of dis-ease are a path to well-being.

FREQUENCY: earthy to high

CHAKRA: heart, base, sacral, and solar plexus

TIMING: Scorpio

SOUL PATH: transforming your subconscious mind.


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