Weekly Crystal Oracle

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall

Rhodochrosite the heart reviver
Weekly Crystal Oracle

Rhodochrosite teaches the heart to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down. Dissolving denial and identifying on going detrimental patterns, it offers compassionate love and forgiveness. You face the truth with loving awareness.

Self-understanding: Deep down, you feel alienated, unloved, or unappreciated. A history of sexual or emotional abuse creates dis-ease. Or you may have misused or feared your sexual power in the past. You may be repressing something you do not want to face. Irrational fears and paranoia, and “unacceptable” emotions need to be acknowledged and transformed.

Divination: Time for a change of viewpoint! Begin to seek the gifts in your experiences rather than seeing the negative effects. Check out whether what you were taught in childhood it’s still relevant to the person you are today.

Healing Insight: Releasing resentment from your heart creates well-being.


CHAKRA: heart, solar plexus, base, and sacral

TIMING: Summer

SOUL PATH: radiating unconditional love and selfless compassion.



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