Weekly Healing Crystal: Lake Superior Agate

Lake Superior Agate

Weekly Healing Crystal: Lake Superior Agate



Weekly Healing Crystal: Lake Superior Agate








Element: Water

Lake Superior Agate is a banded-agate that is found in the area around Lake Superior. It is noted for its rich red, orange, and yellow coloring. This color scheme is caused by the oxidation of iron.

The stone is believed to aid ailments of the chest and its related organs. It stimulates and balances the root chakra. It is believed to prevent insomnia and encourage pleasant dreams. Lake Superior Agate is believed to assist in emotional and mental balance, boosts courage, stabilize the aura, and offers protection to the wearer.

This agate elevates one’s personal worth and facilitates contact with the higher self. It furthers one’s self-confidence in the exploration of the mythical and mystical realms, bringing the unknown into conscious recognition, and enhancing the understanding of the rites and rituals involved to maintain access to these hidden worlds.
It also facilitates contact with information sources beyond the physical plane of this planet. It allows one to recognize that it is quite natural to communicate with the other planes of existence.

Key Words: Balance, self-confidence, stabilize, courage

Affirmation: I walk through life at my own pace to my chosen destination.

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