Weekly Healing Crystal: Beryl Morganite

Beryl Morganite

Weekly Healing Crystal: Beryl Morganite
6-8mm Morganite
Weekly Healing Crystal: Beryl Morganite
Flat of Morganite, rough










Element: Water

Morganite is a pink to light purple variety of Beryl.

Morganite attunes to the heart and the Heart Chakra. It cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety, old wounds, and hidden traumas. It supports the physical heart, strengthening its energy field and helping to establish its place of dominance in the aura. It is believed to also counters palpitations and other heart-related problems, as well as clearing the lungs, treat the nervous system, and relieving stress-related illnesses. Morganite is also thought to assist the larynx, tongue, and thyroid gland, and aids in treatments for vertigo and impotence.

This stone’s energy is forever attuned to the immense love of the Divine and reminds us we are all connected to a Universal Heart and part of a larger plan. Morganite opens and heals the Heart Chakra, helping to overcome fear, resentment, and anger, and recognizing unfulfilled emotional needs and feelings which have gone unexpressed. It also reveals defense mechanisms that are fear-based and make meaningful relationships difficult, thereby creating resistance to healing and transformation. 

Keywords: Healing, Transformation, Love, Nurturing

Affirmation: I feel loved as I recognize emotional needs and feelings and express them.

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