Stones associated with Autumn Equinox

Stones associated with Autumn Equinox, Mea’n Fo’mhair, Mabon

Yellow agate, carnelian, yellow topaz, sapphire, lapis lazuli, amethyst, sunstone,

A quick look at the magickal uses of a few of the crystal/stones associated with Mabon/Autumn Equinox:

Stones associated with Autumn Equinox
Sunstone and Moonstone Pendant


Magickal Powers: Helps to find and keep a good sexual relationship. A protective and powerful stone, sunstone adds energy to other stones as well as to rituals and spellworkings.

Magickal Uses: Use Sunstone and Moonstone as part of Solstice rituals, either on the altar or by having the priest wear the sunstone and the priestess the moonstone. This represents the balance of power between the physical attributes and the psychic, spiritual ones. Sunstone can be added to strengthen them. It can be kept with candles and other ritual supplies for the same purpose.


Magickal Powers: Excellent for meditation as it breaks up confusion. Aligns the body, mind, and spirit, as well as stimulating psychic abilities and inspiration. Can help in communication with the Higher Self and spirit guides. It Intensifies spellworking, creative expression, and cosmic awareness. Helps in transforming the spiritual life and ambitions. Excellent for learning the higher mysteries. Breaks up old blockages and seals the aura. Will focus energy without the conscious effort of the wearer. A very old tradition says that sapphire of any color will dissolve poverty and replace it with prosperity.

Magickal Uses: Any color of sapphire is beneficial. If you are into magickal and spiritual seeking, sapphire is very helpful, whether you wear the stone or just use it for rituals. Star sapphire projects the message that one wants privacy and will not tolerate interference in one’s life. It guards against evil magick, often long after it is no longer owned.

Stones associated with Autumn Equinox
Yellow Topaz


Healing Energies: Helpful in treating high blood pressure; reduces varicose veins help the blood and circulation in general. Said to also relieve depression and arthritis, as well as the digestive system.

Magickal Powers: Dispels nightmares and contagion; helps with predictive dreams. Also aids with messages from the astral. Guards against depression and negativity by creating a spirit of hope. Makes sound, dreamless sleep possible. Makes one more aware and open to creative thinking. Said to prevent accidents and fires. Especially good to repel envy, intrigue, injury, sudden death, and negative magic. Use in combination with tiger’s eye when working spells for wealth.

Yellow Topaz: Ruled by the sun brings abundance, encourages practicality and good planning. Worn on the left hand or arm, it is said to prevent sleepwalking, calm anger, heal the mind, and repel enchantments. This stone has more power at night than during daylight hours, it will protect the house against fire and burglars, and the wearer against accidents. One of the luckiest stones, it will attract wealth and helpful friends.

Magickal Uses: Use a piece of yellow topaz with a tiger’s eye and both a green and a yellow candle in a regular candle-burning ritual for prosperity. Write out on a small piece of paper the high points of what you consider prosperity. After the candles have burned out, wrap the stones in the paper and tie them with a green thread/string. Sleep with them under your pillow for seven days. Then remove the stones and burn the paper.


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