Weekly Healing Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli







Element: Air and Earth

Lapis Lazuli can be found in shades of blue, bright to dark, the highest quality is a bright royal blue, It has golden colored speckles[pyrite] or white [marble] speckles. 

Lapis Lazuli owes its name to its color. In Latin, a blue stone means Lapis Lazuli. In former times people believed due to its color it would resemble the star-studded night sky. It was believed to bless people with wisdom.

Today lapis is also known as the “stone of truth”.With lapis lazuli you are genuine, you are living your own truth and you have the courage to speak out on it. Your self-confidence is strengthened and lapis lets you live your life with dignity. It lets you accept criticism well, without taking the words personally. The stone brings you out of your shell and makes you more sociable.

Lapis is a highly spiritual crystal that helps cut through illusions and expand your thinking in ways that empower you. It helps you to mentally and emotionally rise above all you encounter in life and by doing so a clearer picture emerges.

Lapis is associated with the throat chakra. It is likely used for sore throats. Lapis also regulates thyroid function. Keywords: Truthfulness, Presence, Power, Expansive thinking.

Affirmation: I receive messages from and follow my internal guidance system

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