Weekly Healing Crystal: Jade




Nephrite point












Element: Earth

Jade is a semi-precious stone that ranges in color from green to white to lilac to brown to almost black. Translucent jade is more highly valued than opaque jade. Two different minerals are known as jade: jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is the harder of the two; it is usually used in jewelry production. Nephrite is slightly softer and is often veined; it is used in carvings, for making beautiful bowls and vases. The Chinese have prized jade for thousands of years and regarded it as having medicinal properties when worn or ingested as a powder. Jade is a stone associated with Litha.

Jade is believed to Dispels negativity. It is considered powerful in balancing emotions. Jade encourages change and heroism. Promotes idealism and beauty. Increases fertility, and longevity. It provides wisdom when evaluating issues or problems. The stone benefits eye disorders, kidney stones, and female discomfort bringing needed energy to facilitates healing.

Jade improves concentration, making meditation, astral travel, and the development of higher psychic abilities possible. It encourages education and is considered a “Dream Stone.”,  It attracts good fortune and good luck. Keywords: concentration, balance, wisdom, energy.


Affirmation: I am incredibly lucky.



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