Weekly Healing Crystal: Emerald













Element: Earth

Emerald is one of the four precious gemstones. Emerald is mostly light to intense green, yellowish to greyish green, transparent crystals really are emerald green. tumbled gemstones are opaque. Emerald energy leads us to our inner beauty. It makes partners approach one another again in an open way. The stone consequently provides balance and invigorates the relationship at the same time. In everyday life, emerald rejuvenates us and we regain our strength. Emerald is used against defective sight and provides one with clarity and foresight. The stone has a positive effect on our blood oxygen transport and thereby invigorates cardiac function. It strengthens the kidneys and supports the body in channeling toxins.

Emerald opens you up for your partner. It revitalizes your togetherness and guides you to inner beauty and harmony. It releases limiting beliefs regarding money, Increases abundance in all areas of your life. And cultivate authentic relationships.  Keywords: Harmony, Beauty, Balance, Strength, Abundance.

Affirmation: I am successful in all of my pursuits.



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