Weekly Healing Crystal: Calcite













Element: Earth and Air

Chalk Stone was the eponym for calcite, derive from the Greek chalix =small stone. Calcite is a stone of many colors it can be found in yellow, green, blue, brown, white pink, and ranges from translucent to opaque. Calcite is the stone for inner growth. It supports children’s intellectual development as it facilitates each period of development. Calcite is about the expanded awareness which stems from knowledge study and learning. It will assist in your studies and enhance your memory. Homesickness can be helped by pink calcite. Calcite strengthens the aplomb and provides stability. The stone has an effect on lethargy because it mobilizes all of your energy. Due to the effect of the stone, you have good judgment and you are particularly aware of what works for you.

The stone can be used against dermatological disorders, as it alleviates skin irritations, Calcite strengthens the heart. It is not entirely coincidental that calcite is referred to as the broken leg stone, as it benefits the cure and growth of histoid and bones.


Calcite allows you to leap over your own shadow if you stand in your own way. Your lethargy fades and with the new drive, you develop new ideas. Keywords: Courage, Growth.

Affirmation: I am able to put my knowledge to good use in ways that expand the possibilities for my life.

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