Weekly Healing Crystal: Aventurine


Weekly Healing Crystal: Aventurine
Aventurine Tumbled Stones
Weekly Healing Crystal: Aventurine
Green Adventurine


Weekly Healing Crystal: Aventurine











Element: Earth

Shimmering Aventurine – the “good luck” stone is a translucent quartz color ranging from green to yellowish-orange to red its heart-centered, happy-go-lucky vibes are a reminder that life on earth is supposed to be fun. Adventurine owes its name to 17th century Italy: a venture = at random. The name derives from its look with the randomly interspersed, glimmering dots. Meditation stone would be a suitable name for aventurine.

Aventurine has a calming effect on the whole organism. This way it strengthens your aplomb and gives you the patience to wait for the right moment. It accommodates your emotions, clears your mind, and bestows you with serenity on both the inside and the outside. From this position of calmness, aventurine clears the path to break new ground and encourages creativity. The stone stimulates the metabolism and therefore supports dieting

Aventurine is the perfect companion when it comes to your heart. It strengthens the heart, it is also useful when suffering from varying kinds of skin problems.

Aventurine gives inner and outer peace. The stones show you the right time to act. Keywords: Meditation, introspection.

Affirmation: It is easy for me to maintain overall well-being with conscious habits of health


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