Weekly Healing Crystal: Amethyst


Amethyst druse/Amethyst Cluster
Amethyst Rough Points
Amethyst Sterling Pentagram











Element: Earth and Air

Amethyst is a lilac to dark purple, semiprecious gemstone from the Quartz family. The word ‘amethyst’  derives from the Greek amethyein = prevent from intoxication. This is based on amethyst having a supporting and decreasing effect on addictions. Amethyst druse is helpful with this, they are also well known to condition the air of a room, therefore making it easier to meditate. Amethyst helps to quiet the mind and create a deep inner peace in the long term. Through this, one is able to gain access to their spiritual inherent wisdom.

Amethyst stirs the ability to dream. Placed under one’s pillow, it is believed to eventually contribute to a deeper and more relaxing sleep. It unites intuition and reality, therefore, creating a spiritual vigilance. Amethyst generally acts in an analgesic and tension relieving way. It lets minor injuries heal quicker. It is mostly used when suffering from intestinal and lymphatic flow issues.

Your intuition connects to reality and creates mental clarity Key Words: Dreams~Losses~Sorrow

Affirmation: I pay attention to my intuition and dreams. I easily interpret their messages.


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