Yule/Winter Solstice: Bloodstone


Stone of the Season
Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Planet(s): Mars
Bloodstone is opaque, green, spotted varieties of chalcedony. The dark green of the bloodstone is spotted with red because of the presence of iron oxides. These distinctive spots seem to resemble blood, thus giving the stone its name.
Found in India, Brazil, China, Australia, and the USA.
Eases emotional and physical stress, Invigorates and oxygenates bloodstream. helps balance iron deficiency. Benefits adrenal gland, bladder problems, and intestinal worms.
Magickal PROPERTIES: The green, red-spotted bloodstone is also a prosperity stone; it ensures the wearer of monetary increase and abundant harvest Acts as a jinx remover. Attraction like qualities. Helps overcome anger, enables forgiveness. Sharpens perception, enhances telepathy. Promotes a safe journey. Aids judicial matters.
[Protection from disease, promotes energy, vitality, prosperity, victory, longevity, power, strength; mental vitality, friendship, wisdom, unification, harmony, adaptability, idealism, intuition; attracts wealth, Intense healing, courage, acceptance, grounding, love, creativity, mysticism, spirituality, enlightenment]


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