Crystal Oracle – November 29, 2019 -Reading by Lady Dyanna

Pink Sapphire

Crystal Oracle - November 29, 2019 -Reading by Lady Dyanna

Are you aware that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself?  At this moment you are called to align yourself with the universal laws of by choosing to heal yourself. It is time to start the process of forgiving those who did you harm and that means deciding consciously that they will not determine your story of who you are and what you have experienced. You are a powerful storyteller and co-creator and you will tell a heroic tale of overcoming that which has caused you pain. Your willingness to engage in healing, to free your self from your past and soothe your heart, is an awesome superpower.  You will persist and as you embrace the wisdom you have earned, find the power to say “never again” by making the choice to heal yourself and forgive yourself.


Affirmation: I am now at this moment in the process of healing, accepting and forgiving. because this will make me stronger.

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