Stone of the Season – Onyx

Samhain: Onyx Stone of the Season

Stone of the Season - Onyx

Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Planet: Saturn
Deities: Mars & Hel
Vibrates to: Number 6
Powers: Protection & Defensive Magic
Wear or carry Onyx as a personal amulet of protection to keep senses keen and instincts sharp, whether traversing a desolate street at night, fighting fears associated with bullying or as a protective shield during psychic endeavors. Place an Onyx in the workplace to deflect others’ negative thoughts or criticism, and for effective defense against those who are manipulative or argumentative. A Black Onyx gemstone is said to be excellent for entrepreneurs who are thinking of or are in the process of, starting a new business. It helps entrepreneurs make quick and informed decisions regarding their business, and it also wards off negative opinions, thoughts, and emotions by others around them.
Onyx teaches the appropriate use of power and focusing one’s energy and will into a positive force. It is an excellent tool for grounding and connecting with the electromagnetic energy of the Earth, as well as facilitating alignment with Higher powers for guidance and strength. Onyx may be used to stimulate the psychic senses and engenders a protective shield for those who offer spiritual counseling,
Onyx strengthens the immune system, providing stamina and vitality to the body, and preventing relapses after illnesses. It is thought to improve cell regeneration and the regulation of fluids and to aid in the absorption of nutrients and elimination of wastes.


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