Crystal Oracle – October 12, 2019 -Reading by Lady Dyanna



Crystal Oracle - October 12, 2019 -Reading by Lady Dyanna

From here to there can be a rocky road, one that may even appear to move under your feet as you engage in a process of healing. The journey can be confusing and unsettling and cause you to want to beat a hasty retreat. However, you are moving forward into creating something new. If you feel as if you are unsteady and even going a little backward at times, it is only because you are being asked to look to the past and lessons learned so that your next steps can be sure and steady. Your higher mind is with you guiding you forward for your highest good. The landscape around you may be changing, you are changing, and soon you will feel much more settled. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and trust you will be fine soon.

Affirmation: I am aware as my higher mind guide me that the obstacles I find daunting are disappearing.

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