Working With Chakra’s


Welcome fellow crystal lovers

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you all had a wonderful week filled of
love and light. The Subject today is Chakra’s and Chakra clearing using Stones,
just another way to use our Stunning crystal friends.

To understand Chakra’s we need a little insight
into them, today I will briefly introduce a basic guide to the 7 main chakra’s.

The line of the 7 main Chakra’s runs down the
spine. Chakra’s receive and give energy to the body to maintain harmony of body
mind and spirit, they are connected to various organs and glands within your
body so looking after them is important.

The word Chakra in Hindu means spinning energy.
You could imagine each Chakra centre as a clockwise spinning wheel of colour (WOW
RIGHT). Unfortunately these lovely spinning wheels can become blocked due to stress,
negativity and more. The blockage results in our overall balance…

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