Autumn Equinox/Mabon Gemstone: Carnelian


Autumn Equinox/Mabon Gemstone: Carnelian

Stone: Carnelian–Carnelian is a form of Quartz (Silicon Dioxide-SiO2), the most common form of rock in the Earth’s crust. Specifically, geologists classify Carnelian as a Chalcedony, a member of the crypto-crystalline or micro-crystalline group within the Quartz. Crypto-crystalline crystals are too small to be seen, even with a microscope.
Physical Properties
Carnelian ranges in color from a clear orange-red to a dark orange-brown and has been known throughout history as Sadoine, Mecca Stone and Pigeon’s Blood Agate. The name Carnelian, which is derived from Carne, Latin for flesh, may be related to its color, which is similar to the color of flesh. It is translucent.
To many Carnelian is a powerful motivation stone and some have called it the “Self-Esteem Stone.”
Mental Healing
Carnelian’s mental grounding power is the source of its greatest mental effects. It is said tot teaches one to focus on the present for the moments in life when all one’s mental powers are necessary for success at a single, important task and is a source of confidence, eloquence, and inspiration. For instances when you need a boost to creativity for problem-solving, Carnelian can assist in getting the mind out of mental ruts and back on track for success. In the long-term, it bolsters ambition and drive and reminds the wearer of the future’s goals, hence becoming a powerful tool in major decision-making. Overall, many hold Carnelian dear as a stone with the ability to protect the individual, bolster confidence and generally enhance and expand the experiences of life.
Carnelian and the Chakras
Chakra healers regard Carnelian for its connection to the 2nd Chakra or the Spleen Chakra. This area is the body’s center for creative and sexual, pure emotional energies, but healers also associate it with the five physical senses. The six-petaled Lotus, deep orange colors and Aries are all connected to this region. When these energies are unblocked by Carnelian and the energy flows freely, one feels a deeper appreciation of his or her body, a greater connection with friends and lovers and a reduction of guilty feelings. These effects result in a more spontaneous, energetic and giving individual.
Physical Healing
Because of its connection to the 2nd Chakra, healers believe Carnelian to be instrumental in maintaining health in the lower abdomen. They use it to treat impotence, menstrual cramps, infertility associated with this region. However, they have also turned to its power for healing neuralgia, rheumatism, asthma, skin and blood conditions and insomnia. It is considered so effective in healing dermatological ailments such as acne and psoriasis, that some even recommend Carnelian for the treatment of skin disorders of pets.
Magickal Properties
Energy: Projective
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Powers: Protection, peace, eloquence, healing, sexual energy, courage Love, compassion, energy, mental ability, intuition, protection from fear, envy, and anger, banishes negativity.
It is useful in work on the first, second, third and fourth chakras and can help to increase physical energy, personal power, creativity and compassion
Magical Uses: Worn to still anger, jealousy, envy, and hatred.
Used to promote harmony and peace, and to dispell depression.
Used by the shy and timid to bolster courage and self-esteem.
Great for public speaking.
Strengthens voice, provides self-confidence and fosters eloquence on the speaker.
Used to counteract negative thoughts and doubt.
Used to guard against others knowing what your thinking.
Used to protect against lightning and thunder.
Carried as protection from enchantments.
Worn to prevent skin diseases, nose bleeds, blood diseases, and promotes general good health.
Strengthens astral vision, and halts nightmares.
Worn to stimulate sexual impulses.
Profession: Athletes
Use it to stimulate power.


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