Crystal Oracle – August 24, 2019 -reading by Lady Dyanna


Crystal Oracle - August 24, 2019 -reading by Lady Dyanna


When you speak your truth, you are being true to your soul’s desire to participate in the co-creation of a better world and better life you. Chrysocolla’s message for clear authentic speech that arises from your heart is this: the force of the  Conscious Univers’s love is here for you today as you choose to speak up and speak out, for you can be a clear channel for what needs to be said. Your voice is so very important, for you are a unique being with your own calling and destiny, and the Conscious Universe expresses truth through you. Practice choosing your words consciously as you voice a difficult truth or speak up on behalf of someone who has felt powerless for too long. Be assured that because of your commitment to heartfelt communication, your voice ring out, cutting through the noise today.

Affirmation: I speak my truths from the heart using words that express the best for myself and what needs to be said.


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