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Peter Wilson in Rocky River | Gems, Stones and Diamond Expert

Moonstone is one of the most beautiful gemstones love and admire by people across the world. However, most people may not know much about moonstone and its facts. What? You too? No worries, if you are one of those who love gemstones but do not know much about this beautiful gemstone and that is Moonstone.

Let’s explore a few more facts about moonstone
with the gemologist Peter Wilson

1. Available In Various Colors

Most people may believe that moonstone only available in an
extraordinary blue hue, but the fact is that it is available in many different
colors as well. These include blue, yellow, pink, peach, gray, cream, etc.

2. Moonstone Consist of Healing Properties

Like any other gemstone, moonstone also consists of healing properties which are usually
related to an individual’s specific condition. These properties include
balancing emotional state, inspire creativity, boost an individual’s intuition
power, increase…

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