Awaken Your Consciousness with Crystals and Gemstones


Are you ready to improve your spiritual life? Are you fulfilled and happy? Do you receive inner guidance that makes your life easier? Do you love working with color and things that sparkle?

Crystals, minerals, and stones are a gift from the earth to support you on your sacred path. They are tools for mindfulness and focus, which are key ingredients as you aspire to improve your spiritual and personal awareness. It is a gift to be here on planet earth—an opportunity to evolve yourself and ultimately assist others in their spiritual quest.

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts and consciously choosing which thoughts you allow into your mind. You create your reality with your every thought, word, and action; these are further influenced by external sources like people, places, and situations (such as your choices of entertainment, reading, and music, as well as conversations in which you participate). Using the power of your mind and intention, you are able to design your days and your life.

Crystals are tools that provide you with the ability to maintain mindfulness with focused intention. With the right vibrational matching gemstone in hand (or in a pocket or in a piece of jewelry), you have some help to remember to focus on what you DO want, not what you don’t want in your life’s experiences.

To choose the crystal that best fits your positive thoughts and intentions for the purpose of amplifying your intention, simply look at your collection of crystals (and gemstone jewelry if you have some) and focus on your goal. Get clear on your intention. Which stone or color does your eye naturally gravitate toward? Pick that gemstone and formulize your intention.

It’s fine to use multiple gemstones at the same time. (There are many gems on my desk as I write this, and each one reminds me to focus on all that is good in different aspects of my life.) You, too, can easily and affordably add crystals and stones to all aspects of your life. I often choose three or four gemstone bracelets to wear on most days. Each one of the gemstone bracelets hold the vibration of a specific intention. On days that I want to be receptive and soften my energy, I will wear the moonstone bracelet (moonstone is helpful to align with feminine energy). If I want to feel more love or be more loving, I will wear my kunzite or rose quartz bracelet (kunzite and rose quartz amplify feelings of love for you and those nearby). When I need to get something finished (or started), I’ll wear my carnelian bracelet (carnelian is a stone of creativity and action). As my day progresses, I often fiddle with my pretty bracelets and refocus on my intention. Thoughts and intentions create reality, so the combination of my thoughts and the gemstones amplifies and draws in what I want to experience in my daily life. The gems are tools for awakening consciousness and mindfulness.

For example, let’s say you want to improve your communication skills and have the courage to speak your truth with ease and grace so your words are always well-received. Consider choosing a light blue stone like angelite, blue lace agate, or blue calcite. Place one or more in a pocket, on your desk, or as part of a piece of jewelry. Make a decision to remember the reason you are using the stone every time you look at it, think about it, or touch it. By returning your awareness to your intention with a vibrationally matching gem you are manifesting your reality with mindfulness. Add a positive thought, also known as an affirmation, to establish a repetitive phrase to cement your intention into reality. Angelite helps you communicate eloquently with the help of the angels. Call on the angels to release emotional charge from your conversations. Here is a little positive thoughtform to instill into your mind with angelite in hand: I feel calm and at peace. My emotions are balance and calm. Guidance and inspiration from my angels and spirit guides come to me constantly.

Use the blue lace agate to improve good communication with others. Use it when you want to be heard and truly understood. It is also equally as important to listen well, so this gem is a good reminder to really hear what others are saying. Use an affirmation like this one when you gaze at your blue lace agate: I have good timing when communicating. It is easy for me to express myself. I am understood. I truly hear what others are communicating.

Blue calcite helps you become more aware of what you say and how you say it. The vibration coming through your voice says as much, if not more, than the words being said. Use this affirmation with your blue calcite: I speak with love and kindness. I communicate softly, regardless of what I need to express. I powerfully express with loving-kindness. Love vibrates through the sounds that come through me.

The light blue stones are helpful for the purposes of communication because they are associated with a balanced throat chakra, which is the main energy center for expressing and receiving communication. But don’t limit the choice of crystals to just light blue stones. With a little understanding of the chakra system, you can amplify your intentions based on what you know about yourself. For example, if you know you need more courage and confidence so you can speak up, then use your citrine crystal as your reminder that it is safe for you to powerfully express yourself with ease and grace. The yellow vibration is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with self-confidence.

Choose a green stone, like emerald or jade, when you know you need to maintain a focus on your heart in your dealings with others. These green gems activate compassion and tolerance along with loving kindness, which are all balanced heart chakra qualities. Red and orange gems like ruby, jasper, or orange calcite are helpful to jumpstart you when you are hesitant to start a conversation, which is associated with the root chakra. Purple stones like amethyst and ametrine for the crown and third eye centers add an influx of intuition and telepathy to conversations. Dark blue stone like sodalite and lapis lazuli, for the third eye, aid in establishing peace and harmony and an inclination to meditation practice. Black tourmaline and all the black gemstones, associated with the root chakra, are helpful to stay grounded, focused, and keep those scattered energies at bay! There are so many choices in the rainbow of colors that help align your energy field and increase your ability to maintain balance in your life. All colors and all gems can be used in any order, in any combination, and at any time with great results.

Have fun with crystals and make a decision to maintain mindfulness while using them on and around you. As you establish thoughts and intentions, create your reality with these sparkling treasures from the earth. They are an ally and support you in your life. Remember, you, too, are a treasure of the earth!

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