Weekly Healing Crystal: Aquamarine




Element: Water and Air

Aquamarine is a fancy type of blue beryl. It is a powerful coolant for the heart and the head. The color gave the name to the stone, derived from the Italian aqua marina=sea water. In the Middle Ages it was called ‘beryl’. The stone is is still used when suffering from eye disease. Aquamarine invigorates eyesight. For this purpose it should be placed on the eyelids as often as possible.

Its buoyancy and ease paired with depth is this stones greatest gift. It gives a fresh  impetus to your life. Aquamarine encourages perseverance. Aplomb is invigorated , opposition will be view as challenge. This stone will life the mood during depressive episodes.  It is said that aquamarine is the best choice to go with when suffering from allergies.

When your life needs new drive aquamarine gives you buoyancy and ease, paired with depth. Key words: Buoyancy, ease, depth.

Affirmation: I communicate with ease and grace.

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