Crystal Oracle – August 22, 2019 -reading by Lady Dyanna



Crystal Oracle - August 22, 2019 -reading by Lady Dyanna


Old heartbreak may need to be healed, ties with a past companion cut or vows renegotiated. Prepare for open-hearted, intimate, unconditional love. Prepare to be united with the higher part of your soul. Do you want a soulmate with the karmic lessons that imply or are you ready for a twin flame a companion of the heart and soul? Is there an empty space in you that yearns for love? This space can be filled only from the inside, by loving yourself fully and integrating different facets of your being. A twin flame means embracing deep intimacy between yourself and another at the spiritual and physical level.

Affirmation: I am complete within and of my self, my twin flame complements my wholeness.


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